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Breathe Rite Environmental will professionally remove the mold from your home and repair the cause. Trying to remove mold yourself can prove to be very dangerous to your health. Household bleach does not kill the mold spores. If bleach is used it only serves to spread the mold spores into the air along with dangerous chlorine gas. A simple water leak in the home may not be the only causative factor for the mold growth. Homes that are high in humidity, caused by poor air circulation, will be conducive to spore breeding also. It has been found that the air in our homes contain as much as 50 % more pollution than the outdoor air. There can be are many causes for mold in your home. Let us inspect your home for the dangerous myotoxins from mold, including Black Mold and basement mold

         Stachybotrys or Black Mold  
Black Mold health issues There are many illnesses that can certainly be related to mold. The best 
cure for these illnesses will of course 
be mold prevention. The first step will be identifying the mold problem and the cause. In order to do this, the home must have a home inspection. 

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