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Mold Inspection growth on Basement Walls
We are your mold removal experts.   Certified in Black Mold removal and Mold inspections by: "NAMRI"National Association Mold Re-mediators & Inspectors. 
  Thank you for stopping by and visiting with us, We are here to help keep you safe from air born dangers in your home. Your family can be breathing in dangerous Black Mold Spores which can have long lasting effects upon your health.  
  Breathe Rite Environmentalwill complete a mold Inspection for you
and provide you with a quote for any mold removal and repairs that are required. Mold prevention in your home is also very important.  We will explain and show you the causes of any mold found in your home and also show you how to prevent any black mold from re-occurring again in the future. 
   Mold may cause a family member to have severe Allergies or Asthmatic breathing problems.  Our #1 Customer call is about someone who is suffering from headaches and breathing issues from a mold problem in their home. 

black mold sample for lab testing. Mold Removal
Our black mold inspection will give you a complete mold assessment of your home. Some molds like Black Mold are very toxic and cause serious health issues. So if you smell a musty order in your home or have a wet basement have Breathe Rite Environmental complete a home inspection for you. Our experience and training in mold removal and identification will benefit you and your family. 

Breathe Rite Environmental is licensed by both the State of New York and the Environmental Protection Agency.  We also only use certified and licensed environmental protection testing  laboratories for mold sample testing.  
                                             Services Available:
  • Mold Inspections, Mold Removal  
  • Lab Sampling and testing services, Interior Air Sampling testing 
  • Water and Mildew Damage Repairs
  • New Home Purchase Inspections and Repairs
  • Basement Mold Removal 
  • Environmental Consulting and Testing
  • Home Inspections for health hazards
  • Mold Damage Repairs 
        Call us today, so we may help you and your family @ 585-861-9344
                             Your Families Health is our #1 Concern

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